Mark Julian Borg

  • Instagram Influencer
  • Digital Nomad
  • Crypto Enthusiast

01 Crypto + Blockchain

Blockchain technology and crypto has been highly interesting to me in the past months. Being a tech geek, I been experimenting mostly with Ethereum and also involved in the Bitcoin Club in Malta. I specialise mostly in design for Crypto companies, businesses and small projects.

02 Creative Direction

For over 15 years, I have been heavily involved in the design scene professionally. Always finding ways to make things look better yet highly functional. Having an eye for detail, I'll pick up anything misaligned, no right or not to my taste. I eat Photoshop for breakfast and Illustrator for lunch... The other creative tools are a buffet for my creative imagination.

03 Instagram Influence

During the years being a creative professional, I always found ways to express myself in creativity. I love Instagram because it's social yet private and has become my passion to be creative and collaborate with brands. It started as a casual photo snapper and now I'm an influencer and I love it!


An award winning creative and innovative Creative Director and design consultant based in Malta (Europe) with a traditional fine art background and over 10 years of professional experience. Excellent design skills in concept design and illustration.

Highly driven to succeed, learning new skills and self-motivated. Got an excellent problem solving ability and result oriented. Friendly looking and got a style that ensures positive relations with others. Excellent team work ability. Being an award winning creative director, I won a number of international and local awards including the GameDev Challenge 2011 and DesignFirms Branding award 2010 - 2011.

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A very specific Skillset

Over the years as a creative professional, I've gathered a number of skills to enhance my skillset as a graphic designer. I'm a full stack designer with experience in animation, moving picture, print and web.

Graphic Design 90%
Web Design 85%
Video Editing 80%
Animation 75%
Sense of humour 100%
Being Awesome 100%

+356 79707012

Skype | markjborg