Words of wisdom

Smile at life and life will smile back

March 6, 2019 — by markjborg0


A good deed a day, keeps bad karma away.

Life works in mysterious ways and I believe in karma. Karma works in all ways of life, the good and the bad. She’s a friend that treats you the way you treat her.

One of the things I love to do is something called “a good deed a day” where everyday, I try to do something nice to someone. It could be anything from a small thing like opening the door for them while they are fully handed to something slightly bigger like stopping to help someone change a puncture. The result is that whenever I needed help in life, something or someone came up to help me. When you put a smile on someone’s face, they pass on that smile to someone else and it becomes contagious, returning the smile back to you some day, today or tomorrow.

If your life seems odd or gloomy, ask yourself what is affecting the gloom? Sometimes small tweaks can make big differences. We are floating vessels of souls floating through life and when we change small things, it creates new waves, a new direction. Have a positive vision and focus on it, even if nobody understands you. In time, people are affected and like a domino effect, they start to realise but deep down, we don’t need other’s acceptance because it’s to fuel your own existence with positivity. I do a lot of positive things in life which I never take credit for because I do them for myself and to make others happy.

If I can produce one smile on someone’s face, it’s enough to appreciate my existence in such a small life span. Even through my own design work, I never sign my work or show it off because I just like observing what it does to other’s moods.

Anything you do in life, do it for yourself and to affect living bodies around you. Trust me, you’ll feel better once it’s all in motion. 🙂

Words of wisdom

Depression is a silent killer

December 16, 2018 — by markjborg0


Depression is silent and deadly.

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Words of wisdom

Freedom is Priceless

November 7, 2018 — by markjborg0


Being free makes you the richest person in the world.

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INFJ Quote

November 6, 2018 — by markjborg0


If you know me in person, you know that I’m one of the most jolly, friendly people you’ll ever met. I’m kind, gentle and polite… Some can’t imagine me get angry actually. I always try to be as happy as possible, real happiness, not the fake happiness through objects but through events, people I meet… the tiny things of life. I am myself 100% and what you see, is what you get.

I see the good in everyone and judge nobody, even though sadly, it’s not the case most of the time and they all have hidden agendas or not the person I thought they are. The moment though that someone becomes toxic or crosses my ethics, is the moment I change my attitude towards them for WHO THEY ARE. If I became angry at someone or changed my attitude towards them, they should ask themselves “Why?”.

There are many people that sadly changed or act like a chameleon. They look nice but rotten inside. Full of ego and pride, thinking they became something big but forget they are still mere mortals like the rest of us. Some have hidden agendas and become friends because they need something… Bad news, I don’t have space in my life for these people.

Words of wisdom

Be nice and keep smiling

November 5, 2018 — by markjborg0


Being nice in a cruel world is hard but it's how respect is earned.

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My RedBubble Store

November 4, 2018 — by markjborg0


Awesome apparel for awesome people

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