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DELTA Summit 2019 Trophies

October 4, 2019 — by markjborg0


DELTA Summit 2019 Trophies

A lot of people know me as a graphic designer or creative director but not many know, I’m a maker in my non-commercial life.

While working on DELTA Summit 2019 designs, trophies were needed for the Digital Innovation Awards 2019. After designing this years, Digital Innovation Awards 2019, we approached several people to make a trophy but none in particular that I liked. Soooo decided to get my hands dirty and make some Trophies!

The the low poly person was modelled in Blender, while the DELTA Summit logo in Shapr3D (iPad Pro)

With a vision in my head and a basic pencil sketch, I used Blender and Shapr3D to model the trophy. Yes, I know that I could have done it all in Blender but I’m still learning Blender 😛 and the man is too complex for Shapr3D. Once that was done and the team loved it, it was time to print a prototype. That turned out super amazing and it was ready to be multiplied! Naturally, Invent 3D came in mind and I approached them to help me do a print run of 11 on a tight deadline. They did a phenomenal job printing all the 11 models and bases. It wasn’t plain sailing, who has a 3D printer knows what I’m talking about but they professionally overcame the hurdles and I highly recommend them for any 3D print work you have. Trust me, they are reliable 😛

48h before the presentation at the Gala dinner hosted for the awards, they were picked up and ready for final build and paint. The results speak by themselves. Everyone loved them and I had fun making them.

Photo by Shaun Spiteri

Photo by Shaun Spiteri

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November 4, 2018 — by markjborg0


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