I'm Mark

What I Do

My Specialization

Miniature Art

Painting miniature models for Tabletop games, Strategy, Movie and Dioramas. I also scratch build miniature models and do conversions.

3D Art

I work with a number of software in my workflow to create 3D sculpts and models specifically for additive manufacturing and miniatures. 

Creative Direction

14 years of experience under my belt as a Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Director. I have worked in the Gambling industry, Fintech, AI and Tech conferences.



(B.A.) Honours
Mcast - Art and Design Institute
2010 – 2012

Degree NameBachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours in Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design

Mcast - Art and Design Institute
2006 – 2009

Computer Applications in Art and Design, Interactive Media Design and Authoring, Interactive Media Professional Practice, Animation Techniques, 3D Computer modelling and animation, Computer Interface Design, Digital and Video Post Production and Editing.


Me in a nutshell
3D Artist and Creative Director
14 Years of experience in the creative space

An award winning creative and innovative creative director and design consultant based in Malta (Europe) with a traditional fine art background and over 14 years of professional experience. Excellent design skills in concept design and illustration. Highly driven to succeed, learning new skills and self-motivated. Got an excellent problem solving ability and result oriented. Friendly looking and got a style that ensures positive relations with others.

Being an award winning creative director, Mark has won a number of international and local awards including the GameDev Challenge 2011 and DesignFirms Branding award 2010 - 2011.

About me

Creative Skillset

My skillset consists of many disciplines that I picked up along the years and working in various industries. I got both digital and traditional creative skills.

3D Design and Additive Manufacturing80%
Graphic Design 90%
Creative Direction 90%