Depression is a silent killer

The happiest looking people are usually the saddest deep inside. That smile is a mask to cover all the pain they are going through. Depression is unfortunately a very under-rated condition that many overlook until it’s too late. There were times in my life where I sat down and wanted to commit suicide. Three times to be exact due to bullying at school and in life, childhood hardships and also life events that put me in difficult situations. There was nobody there to listen to me and hear my little voice except one person who is nowadays my best friend for over 10 years.

It’s a shame that many people go unheard and sadly end their life thinking all the pain would end with death. I can talk from my own experience that when someone’s on the edge of life thinking about all the pain, it seems like a great solution and we humans do rational things sadly. I went on to look ahead because there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel. Even though not many are ready to listen sadly, when I was trying to talk over and over again going unheard, eventually I found someone willing to listen. I see myself as my “bestest friend” and I just look up and fight the pain and say to myself that there is always a positive thing to everything in life. Sadly this is easier said than done because it’s frustrating when nobody understands or just mocks my current situation and doesn’t see the bigger picture. It’s these moments that make me appreciate life as difficult as it comes.

If you’re in such a situation and reading this, you’re not alone. I can tell you that life gets better as time goes by… I went from being great all the way down to being at the lowest point of my life and back up to being amazing nowadays with nothing stopping me. All I needed was that one person and a bit of courage.

I’m no psychologist but if you or somebody would like to share some words, just message me and say hi. 🙂

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